silamedia (sila_ksu) wrote in suomi_finland,

Invitation from Siberia


My name is Oksana, i live in Russian city named Novosibirsk.
I work for a computer network "E-city" (sorry, only in Russian)
I'd like to offer you smth unusual and strange :)

Maybe you know, how Russian people are crazy about Ievan Polkka :)))
So our users decide to organize a local amateur video contest. They
would like to do different videoclips based on the Ievan Polkka. There
are no objective criteria to decide who will be the best in that
contest so we need a jury. And our boys asked me to write this letter
offering Finnish people to be our jury. I know it is not profitable for you in
any way but at least it's funny. Maybe your friends or colleagues will
find this idea interesting.

We will do a special page on our site so you can download clips, write
small comments and mark clips on 100grade scale. We plan to give some
small presents to the winners but your attention and participation (or
maybe online conference with them) will be the best prize for our

I think we'll get about 25 - 30 clips.

We start 18-19 Oct.
Who will join us?
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I'm from Latvia but I love this song, too! Crazy, huh? I'm sure I will enjoy the clips. Good idea, good luck!
hey if you still need people I could volunteer ;)
and I know my friend would love it too :D
how can I get more info?

by the way I have some friends in your city ;)