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A question about Finnish

Hola! I would like to ask a question about Finnish. I am a Ph.D. student of linguistics, and I am now working on a typological issue. I read in one book a claim that the word joku can only be used when the speaker does not know to whom it refers. I am trying to check whether this is correct. I have studied Finnish a little bit, but, of course, I do not have a native speaker intuitions. It would help me very much if you told me your opinion on the following four sentences. Is the use of "joku" in these sentences appropriate, or do they sound strange, at least out of context, because the speaker in all these cases is expected to know who (s)he is talking about?

1. Menin naimisiin jonkun kanssa.
2. Kirjotan kirjetta jollekulle. (In the sense of "I am now writing a letter to somebody")
3. Olen jo ennestaan tuntenut jonkun ruotsalaisen.
4. Testamentasin jollekulle (ruotsalaiselle) koko omaisuuteni.

I would be very grateful for your answers!!!

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